Foundation in Flight Dispatch Training

IMG 20160312 WA0000 500pxDesigned and delivered by experienced dispatchers, our training provides an understanding of the role, terminology, regulation and processes. Providing your students with the technical knowledge including weight and balance, fuel & flight planning and turnaround management.



Upon successful completion, you students will enhanced their knowledge and employment opportunities. They will be able to display the skills and knowledge that ground handling companies and airlines look for, gaining a real advantage in the competitive airport operations job market.


By the end of the training, students will:

  • Understand the flight dispatcher’s role
  • Gain knowledge & skills required to perform an efficient and safe turnaround
  • Apply the basic principles of flight related to aircraft weight and balance
  • Perform weight and fuel calculations
  • Produce a Load Sheet within the standard time frame
  • Produce a Loading Instruction Report
  • Apply the knowledge of baggage regulations and reconciliation
  • Apply the adequate protocols  for flight paperwork reconciliation
  • Understand the safety loading procedures of  Dangerous Goods
  • Send arrival and departure messages with all the relevant information
  • Handle flight discrepancies and weight restrictions
  • Utilise flight dispatch terminology in radio communications
  • Understand the importance Ramp Resorce Management
  • Demonstrate with confidence their USPs and navigate the job hunting process 


Training Structure


Our 11 days training is designed according to current and up to date airline syllabus includes:

Unit 1: Turnaround Principles and Aviation Regulations

Unit 2: Weight and Balance 

Unit 3: Load and Fuel Planning

Unit 4: Ramp Handling

Unit 5: Flight Planning & Aircraft Systems

Unit 6: Flight Turnaround

Unit 7: Flight Closure & Operational Procedures

Unit 8: Turnaround Practice

Unit 9: Resource Management & Customer Service 

Unit 10: Preparation for Dispatch Recruitment                       

Unit 11: Assessment Day


We can deliver the training in our location or we can travel to you, please do get in touch if you need more info on  +44 2034880261

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