Airline Pilot and Flight School Assessment Preparation Course

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Applying for your first airline pilot job?

Is your Flight School Cadet Assessment coming up?

Build knowledge, skills and confidence and learn from industry experts.


The Overview

Our whole-day course is designed by current airline recruiters and current airline pilots to help you understand the pilot and cadet recruitment process and give you the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed at your next assessment.  

If you are applying for cadet programmes or your first airline job, alongside your ability to fly the plane you have to be able to demonstrate to recruiters that you have the motivation and the non-technical skills required to be an airline pilot.

During the day you will receive your folder with all the information covered during the course, the day is an engaging mix of seminar sessions and practical interview and group assessment practice. 

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Course Outline

 Pilot Competencies

Are you aware of the standards of behaviour expected of airline pilots? Learn about the non-technical skills that are required from all pilots.

 The Day-to-day Job

An understanding of airline operations can make a huge difference in your employability. Learn what teams a pilots interacts with daily and how pilots can impact the operation and customer service.

 The Power of Introductions

Learn the best way to answer "Tell me about yourself", introduce yourself with confidence and set the right tone in your interview.

 Transferable Skills

Not sure if you have the right skills for a pilot role? You may not be making the most of your transferable skills. Learn to recognise and display the skills that airline recruiters will want to see.

 Competency Based Interviews

Recruiters look for evidence of pilot competencies by asking behavioural questions. Learn techniques and structures to help you answer these with confidence.

 Group Assessments

Designed to test your ability to work with others effectively. What to expect and what is assessed? Practice on the course and get real feedback on you performance.

 Unique Selling Points

What can make you stand out from the crowd? How do you get across what makes you different? Learn about USPs and how they can help you win a pilot role.

 Passion and Motivation

What have you done so far to realise your dream of becoming a pilot? How can you present this in the best possible way?

Pilot Aptitude Tests

FREE 60 days access to a market-leading online preparation software for pilots and cadets. 

Improve your skills in spatial awareness, multi-tasking, memory capacity, hand-to-eye coordination and practice:

  • Verbal  Reasoning
  • Maths
  • Science
  • Technical
  • Aviation Knowledge
  • Psychometric and Psycho-motor Tests
  • ATPL Questions
  • Interview Question

Success Stories

Our candidates have been successful at:

CTC Aviation Assessment, Oxford Aviation Recruitment , FTE Jerez, Flybe Interviews, British Airways Direct Entry & Future Pilot Programme, Ryanair Assessment, Jet2 Recruitment, Aer Lingus, Wizz Air, Thomson, Thomas Cook, BA CityFlyer, Virgin, Emirates, easyJet MPL Programme, Norwegian Direct Entry, Monarch... and more

Our Testimonials

100% of attendees would recommend us to aspiring pilots.

'I've got a positive email!! I'm so so happy now I can't believe it!! I have to thank you and aviationshake course for everything!! I am sure that without your help I would not make it!!! Many many many thanks to you!!!!' 

Ron - First Officer Ryanair 

'I attended the one day airline interview preparation course and it was an eye opening. After spending nearly £60000 on my training, I had no idea what to expect on my interview. I was very lucky that friend of mine recommended the course.I know fly for Flybe and I am sure without AviationShake's help I would be still looking for a job. Again a massive thank you!

Ben - First Officer Flybe

'Going for CTC assessment I had no idea how to prepare and where to start, so I failed at my first attempt. I then discovered AviationShake and it was the most valubale day I had in terms of professional development. I have learnt which transferable skills use from school and activities and how important are my personal reasons for flying. Thanks guys.' 

Steven -  CTC Cadet

'Thank you for all your help, I was able to work through my examples with you and understand what skills should I present.

George - First Officer Monarch

'Amazing preparation I always thought my licence is enough to get me a job. After 4 years since my flight training I finally was called for an interview (thanks to your extensive help with my CV) and my interview went really well. I structured my answers using the techniques and had plenty of examples prepared. Thank you guys so much. I hope you will be flying with me soon :-)

Jon - Flybe

'I had no idea how can pilot improve passenger satisfaction or airline operation. The knowledge I gained was invaluable, I am nearly finishing my training with CTC and soon will be flying for British Airways.'

Ben - BA FFP

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Course Benefits

  • How to impress recruiters in the first 60 seconds
  • NOTECH's and CRM - what airlines are looking for
  • Airline recruitment processes - what skills are assessed
  • Pilot Aptitude Testing (2 months access) New!
  • Group exercises with feedback
  • Pilot Interview practice with feedback
  • Airline operations and how pilots can contribute
  • Common HR pilot interview questions
  • How to structure answers to competency- based questions
  • Understanding pilot job, challenges and skills required

Course Dates

Our courses start at 0900 and finish at 1700. Upcoming dates:  

26th May 2017 Friday - Heathrow

17th June 2017 Thursday -  Gatwick

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Our course have been accredited by CPD Standards to ensure your Continue Professional Development.  


Call us for more details 02034880261, or email us!

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