Online Course - Aviation English - ICAO Level IV

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Online Aviation English Course- ICAO Level IV

For Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers

Record and Analyse your speech - improve listening, speaking, reading


The Overview 

Aviation English - designed for European and international students.

Our Aviation online course offers 120 hours of aviation English practice, with instant feedback on clarity and pronunciation through unique speech recognition software. Designed for pilots, ATC and flight schools to reach ICAO language proficiency Levels IV (Operational). The course has been designed for European and international students. 

Our English Courses are used by airlines, including EVA Air, and have been developed in conjunction with EVA Flight Training Academy.

Practise your aviation English in day-to-day flying, training and common situations through real life scenarios both on the ground and in the air. 

Course Benefits  

  • Designed for pilots and air traffic controllers
  • Improve your listening, speaking and reading ability
  • Achieve the level required for ICAO Level IV
  • Improve pronunciation - automatic evaluation of your voice
  • Communicate clearly in high workload situations
  • Practise real life scenarios in the air and on the ground
  • Learn in your own time, 120 hrs of online lessons
  • Comprehensive listening and speaking practice
  • Prepare anytime, at any location, on any device
  • Individual progress tracking

Course Outline


Comprehension of aviation language on the ground and in the air

Scenarios based on describing a situation, listening to ATC and responding correctly. 




Voice Recognition - real-time feedback on the quality of your speech

Record and review your pronunciation based on standard responses and the speech recognition system.

Voice Recognition Example Image



Comprehension - ability to read text, process and understand it

The exercises are accompanied with interactive quizzes, focused on aviation specific terms and concepts.


Course Content 

A combination of 36 online modules focused on pronunciation, terminology and comprehension. These are 45-60 minutes long with an emphasis on listening and speaking. The modules are suitable for anyone seeking to achieve ICAO Level IV and include:


  • Radio transmissions
  • Surface operations
  • Standard words and phrases
  • Airport signs and markings
  • ATC requests 
  • Call Signs
  • Emergencies
  • Aircraft Parts
  • Airport Hazards
  • Radiotelephony
  • Take Off and Landing 
  • Weather
  • Abbreviations
  • Navigation
  • + more 


ICAO Requirements

English is the international language of aviation.

This means that clear communication in English is absolutely critical to aviation safety. The current ICAO English language requirements came about as a result of a study showing that 75% of all aviation incidents and accidents worldwide included a language-related element: either a misunderstanding between the controller and a pilot or between two pilots.

Level 6 Expert
Level 5 Extended
Level 4 Operational
Level 3 Pre-operational
Level 2 Elementary
Level 1 Pre-elementary

This course has been designed to meet the standards of ICAO Level IV 'Operational' - using a variety of interactive activities to improve vocabulary, structure, pronunciation, fluency, comprehension and interaction.


Radio Telephony in This Course 

This course is designed to teach Aviation English to a standard sufficient to achieve ICAO Level 4. Since Radio-telephony (RT) standards differ from region to region, an effort has been made to include examples of standard and non-standard phrases, instructions and commands from every region.

For example, a pilot in Europe might read back a clearance to climb like this:

'Climb flight level two-hundred. Jet two-three-two papa'

Whereas a pilot in North America might read the same clearance back like this:

'Climbing flight level two-zero-zero. Jet two thirty-two papa'

And a pilot in southern Asia might read the same clearance back thus:

'Jet two-three-two papa. Climb level two zero zero'

Our goal is to have our students comprehend and become accustomed to the regional dialects and terms used in aviation across the world.

Course Grading 

Our overall grade will determine what level of certificate will be issued.

  • If your score is above 89.5% you will receive ICAO Level IV Certificate
  • If your score is above 79.5% you will receive ICAO Level III Certificate
  • Certificates are issued electronically

Course Booking 

Once you book the course online on our website, you will receive your login within 24 hours and access to the course for 90 days.

The course login will be sent by our partners Sky Aviation Academy, who will provide online technical and instructor support.


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