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Job Application Proofreading
Why risk missing out on an interview? Present yourself in the best possible light and ensure your application is flawless before you apply for the job - let our experts proofread your job application.

The Overview

If you feel that you would benefit from having your job application proofread before you send it to your prospective employer to check spelling, grammar and punctuation - our professional proofreaders will be able to help you. Additionally, we will provide suggestions on how to improve your questions if necessary. The Aviation Industry attracts applications from candidates from all over the world, so whether English is your first language or not, you have to prove you can communicate well with others, and spelling and grammar is an important part of this. Recruiters are looking for an excellent command of English - a single spelling mistake can dramatically reduce the chances of your career progression. Don't trust to luck - have your application reviewed and proofread by our professionals today. We offer a '100% satisfaction or money back' guarantee.

The Benefits

A recent survey conducted by showed that over 50% of recruiters, who responded to their survey, said that spelling proficiency was crucial for candidates success, so why would you let misspelling, grammatical errors and bad punctuation ruin your chances of appointment?
Your application or CV can determine your success in your hunt for a position in the aviation industry. You may have all the qualities the company is looking for; however, if you cannot communicate well on paper you can ruin your chances of landing that dream job.

A strong application that is well written, structured and checked against any grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes will greatly increase your chances of getting to an assessment day or an interview. Companies nowadays receive hundreds, sometimes thousands, of applications for each job opening - meaning that you're always up against strong competition. Recruiters are looking for professional, well presented candidates - a spelling mistake or grammatical error is all they need to put you in the reject pile. So, don't let yourself down; let us proof-read your application today.

The Process

Application Proofreading

Why AviationShake?

Our team includes airline recruiters, career coaches, CV writers, crew and aviation managers - between us we have over 50 years experience in aviation recruitment. With literally decades of experience screening applications, reviewing CVs, interviewing, assessing and selecting candidates, you can be certain that we possess the knowledge and experience needed - both for graduates and first time jobseekers as well as for the more experienced individuals looking to take the next step.

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